4 January 2011

Proud Catholic Mum Moment

We have a Holy Water font in the house, and we're in the habit of blessing the kids before bed or before leaving the house.  The other day, K tried to bless C by trying to make the Sign of the Cross on her head whilst saying "In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit".  (I say "trying" in part because C was crawling away at the time).  I loved seeing that, though.


  1. Very sweet! WEMM has finally learned the Grace before meals prayer, and can say it with us.

  2. Cute! K rarely says the prayers aloud with us, but sometimes he'll surprise me. I know he knows them, because he'll say them at Mass (at least some of the time), but most of the time it's just a whisper. Except for the Alleluia - he belts that out. LOL