29 January 2011

Going to Get You!

This is what my son says to me after dinner when he wants to play.  He'll come up to me and say "I going to get you, Mom!", when he will then proceed to tickle me, get my nose, or run away so I can hide.  I love this time of day when we can play like this.  I'll usually hide behind doors or curtains while he tries to find me.  I'll call out his name, and he'll start looking around going "Mummy?" or "Where's Mom?" (yes, he alternates between calling me Mom and Mummy).  C joins in the game and I usually end up holding her whilst playing so she doesn't give away my location too easily.  Both kids love playing this, and K will beg to play "one more time" about 10 times before we tell him that it really it is time for bed.  Love it.

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