6 January 2011

Knitting Thursday

Sorry for the lapse in posting.  Life has understandably been busy of late.  I was afraid I wouldn't finish that tunic dress for C before Epiphany (today), but, thanks to my Mom, I did.  Mom knit the sleeves for me, which helped a lot.

So, having finished that, I'm finally getting back to a sweater I'd started for B a long time ago.  Actually, I'd made the sweater, but it didn't fit quite right, so I ripped it out and am now re-doing it.  I'm only on the back of the sweater, unfortunately, but at least I'm getting back to it.

Maybe after I finish that, I can make something for myself.  I have a long queue of things for myself and the kids.  Since my Mom brought me a lot of yarn, I should be set for a while now.

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