1 January 2011

It's a Zoo

My children are turning into animals.  K is a monkey.  We've called him that for a long time, but it fits.  If we offer him some food or drink which he doesn't want, his response is "No, I'm a monkey".  Last night when I was trying to convince him it was time for bed (he was rubbing his eyes and obviously tired), he said "no, I'm a monkey".  He even made monkey sounds at breakfast this morning.  He loves being swung by his arms and climbing on things.  Yep, he's a monkey.

C has just discovered the sound a sheep makes, and therefore makes that sound all the time.  In fact, she awoke around 3.00 this morning to play, and kept saying "baa" at me.  She's still doing that, while K says to "turn it off" (we think this is in reference to her, since nothing is on).

They certainly make my life interesting.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  So Happy New Year, and may my children continue in their silliness.

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