22 December 2010

There's an old saying - don't change anything, ever

In case you don't get the reference from the title, it's a line from an episode of Monk: Mr Monk and the Astronaut.  The quote could easily be said by K, though.  He really doesn't like it if things are out of the ordinary for him.  For example, he's not at all sure about the new priest who has come to our parish, because he doesn't know him.  He doesn't have problems when Archbishop Paul Gallagher visits the parish in the summer, because that happens every year, but since he doesn't know Fr Alban, he's a bit upset by the change.  It's somewhat amusing to me how ordered K is, and that he insists that things be done a certain way.  He's also extremely independent, wanting to do everything himself (though he does sometimes relinquish control by telling B or myself to do it ourselves).

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