6 December 2010

Happy Feast of St Nicholas!

It's St Nicholas Day!  I got the kids' stockings finished last night (some ends still need to be worked in, but they were at least functional) and we hung them up.  I then made some sugar cookies.  Nothing like putting everything off to the last minute.  Got those made and put them in bags to put in the stockings.  I couldn't actually leave the stockings hanging up overnight because I was afraid Firebert (our Siamese-mix) would knock them off since he frequently performs "experiments in gravity".  Unfortunately I didn't account for Cosmo (our Maine Coon) trying to steal the cookies.  When I came downstairs, he'd pulled the bag of cookies out of K's stocking, so the bag was in the middle of the living room, and the stocking by the door.  Thankfully he didn't eat them, so I put the bag back in before K noticed.  I'd planned to wait until both children were awake before getting into the stockings, but K tore into his as I was in the middle of telling him about St Nicholas while I made breakfast.  So he had 3 cookies before breakfast.  We made it to Mass, and gave some cookies to the priest.  All in all, a nice feast day celebration.

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