27 December 2010

12 Days of Presents

Starting last year, we decided to extend the presents over the entire 12 days of Christmas.  I wish I could say that this was purely out of making sure we were reminded that it's still Christmas over the entire 12 days, but that was only part of the reason we started doing that.  For K's second Christmas, when he was 13 months old, we had all the presents under the tree and he got them all on the Feast of the Nativity, and he was completely overwhelmed.  So I decided that the following year we'd space them out, even if it meant that we just did cookies for some of the days.  Presents from grandparents and other family are included in this, too. It does help us to keep in mind that it's still Christmas over those days, though, as does going to Mass for each of those days if possible.  While this is only the second year for us to do the presents this way, I like our little tradition.

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