3 December 2010

Order of the Sacraments of Initiation

I so often complain about things in the archdiocese, so I thought I'd talk about something that makes me happy.  Our Archbishop has decided that the order of the Sacraments of initiation will be restored.  What this means is that Confirmation will be moved, and so children will be confirmed at Pentecost and then receive their First Holy Communion at the Feast of Corpus Christi that same year.  I'm all for this.  In fact, I'd be happy if we followed the custom of our Eastern brethren and bestowed Confirmation/Chrismation and the Eucharist on babies at the same time as their Baptism.  But I'll take what I can get.  I think kids need the grace of these Sacraments.  So I guess now I just hope we can stay here so my children will benefit from this.

I'm also happy with tying reception of these Sacraments to appropriate feasts during the year.  I think it may emphasise the meaning of both the feasts and the Sacraments.  We'll see how things go when this is implemented in 2012.

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