8 December 2010

On Days Like This

I'm glad I'm still breastfeeding K.  He awoke this morning with very flushed cheeks, a cough, and a fever.  He didn't even want to eat a whole banana at breakfast, when he normally devours them (he did still eat his fromage frais and a little bit of pancake, though).  Before I'd realised he was ill, I'd expressed some milk for the milk bank; since the kids aren't well, though, I won't send it to them.  I ended up making K's pancake using it, so nothing wasted.  (K won't drink expressed milk, or else I'd have just let him drink it)

Mainly, though, he's gotten lots of milk and snuggles today.  C isn't feeling the best, either, but it doesn't seem to have affected her as much, other than being rather cuddly.  I'm sure they will be feeling better in no time, though, and I'm glad I can give them both milk when they're feeling poorly.

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