30 December 2010

I Never Knew

I never knew how addictive cloth nappies could be when we first got them.  I've exercised great restraint, and didn't get any more until I was pregnant with C.  We had 25 of the bumGenius 2.0s with K, and they're holding up well.  Our only complaints with those are that they were too small for K at first (but he grew into them by 2 weeks old;  the picture is when he was about 9 months), and the velcro and elastic are starting to wear.  But after 3 years, I can't really complain.  They aren't anything exciting, just plain white, yellow, green, and blue, but they work.  bumGenius do have prints now, though.

When I was pregnant with C, we decided we should get some more so she could wear cloth from the very beginning, since we assumed she'd be a similar weight to K.  As it turned out, she could've gone straight into the bumGenius, but I'm still glad we got more.  A friend of mine is a consultant with Lollipop, so we got 20 of their fleece nappies, and I absolutely love them.  They're a mint green, and the covers are green with white stars - too cute.  This was my first experience with prints, and I can definitely see how they can be so addictive!

Once she outgrew those, I thought we needed just a few more, so I found a lady online who was selling some of her old nappies that were just lightly used.  They're different brands, with 3 minky (great for naps and overnight!) and then a handful of others that had poppers.  Some are prints and some are solids.  I hadn't used nappies with poppers before, but I'm sold.  I definitely prefer them to velcro, especially since C can undo velcro very easily.  Partly because of that, I've been wanting to try out some Fuzzibunz, and a friend who works for eLeMeNO-PEE just sent me one.  And yes, I'm excited.  Can't wait to see how it works out on C.

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