24 December 2010

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve!  We started out the day by going to Mass, and Archbishop Paul Gallagher was in for the holidays, so he celebrated Mass.  K was happy that he got to see Fr Cassian, too.  We brought the tree in from the garden last night so it could dry off a bit, and we'll set it up today.  My parents arrive this afternoon, so we'll wait until then to actually decorate the tree.  Honestly, we'd probably wait until afternoon to decorate anyway.  Besides, that gets us closer to the end of Advent before the tree is up. ;-)  I think perhaps we'll make some popcorn to eat while we decorate the tree, too.  I might also see if I can find A Muppet Christmas Carol for the kids to watch.  I always loved watching that growing up, and K does enjoy the Muppets quite a bit.

Everything else today is just about preparation for tomorrow, really.  How exciting that tomorrow is Christmas!  My heart is filling with joy and excitement thinking about celebrating my Saviour's birth!  Hopefully I can keep that in my heart as I sort the presents, do some last-minute wrapping, and make dinner.  We're not trying to go to Midnight Mass with the kids, and will instead go to 8.00 Mass in the morning.  I think that's a great way to start Christmas.  God bless, and have a happy Christmas!

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