8 December 2010

Sibling Love

I absolutely love watching and listening to my children interact.  Whenever I have those moments of feeling guilty for no longer being able to give K all the one-on-one attention I used to, I have just to watch them together to know I've given both of them a great gift: each other.  Sure, they get annoyed with each other at times.  C takes K's toys, and vice versa.  At the same time, they love each other immensely.

Yesterday morning, I left both kids in K's room (they'll share the room once C moves out of our room) while I got dressed.  I could hear them playing on the toy piano, and when I entered the room, K announced that C was singing.  K crawled around after C, eventually tackling her.  She's used to this and is generally OK with it.  At Mass later, K still wanted to play with C.  And then, while making dinner, I was listening to them playing while K asked C if she wanted to read The Velveteen Rabbit.

I'm also amazed at how protective K can be.  While he's quick to push C away if she's getting his toys, he also gets upset if she's hurt or upset.  If I get exasperated or tell her 'no', K is very upset.  If he hears her stirring from a nap, he wants to rush upstairs to get her.  Sometimes this has led to her waking earlier than she would have, since she hears us coming, but oh well.

C always wants to follow her brother and see what he's doing.  If he's breastfeeding, she either wants to eat, too, or just get K.  If he's playing, she usually wants to join in.  If he's watching a DVD, she wants to watch with him.  I know he sometimes gets annoyed with her tagging along, but it's really sweet to watch.

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