26 November 2011

Do Amber Necklaces Really Help?

Ever since Charlotte first started acting like she might be teething, I put an amber necklace on her, determined to naturally alleviate her pain and avoid the nightmare of teething as much as possible.  She's therefore worn a necklace since she was a few months old, long before she cut her first teeth at 10 months, and has worn it constantly since then.  People ask if it helps, and I usually laugh and respond that it either helps, or she's the most laid-back teether ever.

Now, she's a pretty laid-back girl about many things, so I really didn't know how much the necklace helped.  For the most part, she's gotten teeth without much fuss, and without taking medicine.  She likes to chew on ice or a cold, wet cloth, but hasn't needed anything more than that.  Was it the necklace, or was she just one of the lucky ones?

I think I can answer that question now - it's the necklace.  The night before last, she pulled off her necklace and I didn't put it back on.  The clasp is wearing out and I wasn't sure if it would hold.  She's been working on her canines, but I thought maybe she wasn't actively teething right now.  I do have another necklace somewhere, but couldn't tell you where offhand.

Yesterday, though, she was a beast.  It was obvious that her teeth were bothering her, since she had her fingers in her mouth and one pink cheek.  For some reason, though, it didn't dawn on me that that was the problem until the evening.  I took off my own amber necklace and put it on her.  I then put her old one back on her, since I got the clasp to hold for now.  Within 10 minutes or less, she was back to her happy self.  It was amazing to see the difference.  I know she was also hungry, but that wasn't all of the problem, and in fact she was refusing to consider food until I put the necklaces on her.

My conclusion: the amber necklace definitely helps Charlotte with teething pain.  I will continue to use and recommend them.  They are well worth it.

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