6 November 2011

Day 6 of Thankfulness

I read this post from the Ranter's blog and it reminded me of how thankful I really am for the Mass, when I am really thinking about it. I'm glad I read this prior to going to Mass this morning, as it really reminded me to truly pray the Mass, even with the children needing my attention at different times. As an aside, it was rather humourous that Charlotte told Father and Monsignor to focus during the homily (Father had talked about how we needed to focus on the prayers and responses, so his homily was very apropos with the blog post in mind, too). So go on over to the Ranter's blog and check it out for a nice reminder about praying the Mass and how thankful we should be at every Mass.

...the hell with it: Absurdity of Mass: Do you ever have a conversation with someone who isn't engaged? You know they're just waiting for you to get done flapping your gums so they...

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  1. All praise be to Him who inspired the post. God bless you!