10 November 2011

Crafty Thursday

Not a lot to report today.  I'm still working on the first sleeve of Kieran's sweater, and have found a nice cardigan to make for Charlotte.  I'll have to post a photo.  Right now I'm trying to decide which yarn to use.  I have some bamboo, which is what the pattern calls for, but I'm not sure any of the colours are right for her.  So I'm also looking at some Bernat Softee Baby in a brighter pink, or unraveling a sweater that doesn't fit so I can use some red.  Hmmm.

I've discovered that while the pearl snaps loo nicer, they are coming out, so I'll just have to go with the other snaps as I continue converting my bumGenius 2.0 stash.

With Remembrance Day coming tomorrow, I'm reminded that I've put off crocheting a poppy too long.  I'd planned to make one to wear.  I'll definitely have to make one for next year.

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