9 November 2011

Day 9 of Thankfulness

Today I'm thankful for two remarkable people: my grandmother, whom we called Baba, and a Benedictine monk and priest, Fr Theo.  Today would've been my grandmother's birthday, and is Fr Theo's 90th birthday.

I grew up living next to my grandmother.  I won't say I always enjoyed it, but I know I was very lucky to live so close and know her.  When I was contemplating being baptised, she's the one who spoke with me about what it meant.  She talked to me about guardian angels, sent me silly cards when I was studying abroad, and even learnt how to work Skype so she could see Kieran.  She was an amazing woman, and I pray I'll see her again in Heaven.

Fr Theo is one of the priests at the parish we attended in Liverpool.  One of my neighbours there declared him to be a living saint, and I have to agree.  While 90, he's still going strong, still celebrating Mass and hearing Confessions and staying active, despite having a lot of back pain.  He once scolded me for not sitting in the front row, as he said Kieran couldn't see.  He made sure to tell me that I should always bring the children to Mass.  He's an amazing confessor, always knowing what to say.  I pray I'll get to see him again, as well.

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