7 November 2011

AP as the Norm

I love that my children see Attachment Parenting as the norm.  I know they're mimicking what they see and experience. 

The other day both of them insisted on wearing their stuffed animals.  Both love being worn and just see that as the norm.

They also see breastfeeding as the norm.  Today Charlotte was asking me for milk, and asked for "regular milk", to differentiate it from cow's milk.  I love it!  After all, it is the regular milk she gets, especially since she still has some issues with dairy.  Kieran offers "Kieran milk" to his toys, or even his sister!, when he thinks they're in need of comfort (no, Charlotte hasn't actually taken him up on this).  The point, though, is that he sees this as the normal way of feeding and comforting, and therefore mimics it.  Love it!

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