4 August 2011

St Jean-Baptiste-Marie Vianney

Today is the feast day of St Jean-Baptiste-Marie Vianney.  I joke that he's following me, because I seem to see him almost everywhere.  His faith amazes me.  Here's someone who struggled through seminary, who wasn't thought to be that special, but his faith carried him through so that he inspired the people around him to also follow God and love Jesus more.  I would honestly love to name a child after him (though I did realise today that I'd been pronouncing his surname wrong!  Oops!).

I've been looking forward to today all week so I could go to Mass.  Well, I try to go to Mass daily, and it's always something to look forward to.  Anyway, this morning when I got up it was quite grey, but wasn't raining.  Well, at 8.45, it was raining pretty fast.  A lighter rain, but we still would've gotten quite wet (the umbrella's been lost).  I debated leaving Charlotte home with my husband and taking Kieran, as I could've put one child in the buggy with the rain cover, but Charlotte was already dressed by that time.  I debated whether we should go at all, even though I wanted to go.  So I asked St Jean-Baptiste-Marie for his prayers.  At the last possible moment that we could leave and get there in time, it stopped raining.  Thank you, St Jean-Baptiste-Marie for praying, and thank you, Lord, for answering that prayer.  It was a small thing, really, but I appreciated it.

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