26 August 2011

Word Games

I've always loved word games.  In fact, I grew up playing Scrabble with my mother.  I have fond memories of playing Scrabble from a very early age, progressing from her making words and me finding a place to put them, to legitimately holding my own with her.  Unfortunately, I rarely get the chance to play Scrabble these days, despite having two Scrabble boards (regular and travel).

Imagine my surprise, then, when Kieran pulled out the travel Scrabble today and asked to learn how to play.  Since Charlotte was napping, I was more than happy to accommodate his request.

Thus it was that I found myself teaching a 3-year-old how to play Scrabble.  I would form words and help him find a place to put them.  He didn't care so much about the words themselves, but had lots of fun placing the tiles, getting out more tiles, and identifying letters (on his own, with no prompting from me).  I didn't attempt to keep score or anything, though I'm sure that will happen before long.  He was rather upset when Charlotte awoke, since that meant we had to put the Scrabble game away.  I foresee Scrabble becoming a regular fixture in my house again.

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