29 August 2011

Book Nook

I'm going to be a little different today and talk about my own reading habits.  I love to read, and have done so for as long as I can remember.  When I'm at home and don't have to do other things (or even if I do), you can often find me with a book.

Since Mother's Day, though, you might equally find me with my Kindle.  I'm finding that it's much more portable than a book, so I tend to take it outside with me if the kids want to play, or walk around with it, or just sit and read on it.  While it won't replace books for me, it does make it easy to catch up on some classics or whatever else I want to read.  Lately that's been classics such as Victor Hugo's Les Miserables (I love the music and wanted to read the book) and Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale (I love Shakespeare, and hadn't read that play before).

I love the huge selection for the Kindle, too.  It's fun to browse through the titles, finding things that pique my interest.  I love that I can download a free excerpt so I can see if the book is one I want, too.  And of course it's also nice that the classics are free, as are some other books at times.  Pixel of Ink tends to keep track of the free or reduced price Kindle books.

So all that to say that I highly recommend the Kindle.  It makes it easy to get lost in a book whilst also watching the kids.


  1. Kurt (my husband) really loves his kindle, and his reading has increased tenfold since he got it. He swears he'll never go back to actual books.

    I'm a fuddy-duddy, and like actual books too much (that and I can loan/borrow actual books while there is not a good way to do that with e-books yet).

  2. I was going to say the same as Abby, I got my other half a kindle for Christmas, and I can see the advantages. He loves it -- but he travels a lot, so it makes his life much easier. Me, I like to hold a book with pages. I like the way they feel and smell!

  3. The Kindle definitely doesn't replace books. You can't get the same experience, I think. However, I do love its portability and that I can read books on there that aren't in my library. I knit a cover for it, and now I can't find it, though. Oh well.