4 June 2011

So Far, So Good

Last week I decided I needed to actually schedule my computer time so I didn't waste so much time.  Well, 1 week in and so far, so good.  After just the first couple of days I felt saner because I wasn't wasting time online and then rushing around trying to cook or clean.  I also have an easier time getting ready in time for daily Mass when the computer's off.  I'm not incredibly strict about the schedule, since I can't predict what the kids will do or need, but I know roughly when I'll get on, and then I just make sure to only be on for the set amount of time.

One of the problems I had before was that I'd think of something I truly needed to look up (or was just curious about), so I'd get online and look it up.  Then the Thnikkaman would arrive and I'd get distracted and look at various other things.  Later I'd remember something else I needed to know, so the cycle would repeat.  Now I just jot things down if I need to look something up or have a blog idea, and then I can do it all when I get online.  I also find that I don't really care as much about being online, so I don't always take up all of my scheduled online time, which is great.

I'm even sticking to my cleaning schedule a bit better.  Granted, it's still not up to Fly Lady standards, seeing as I don't shine my sink every evening, but it's a lot better.

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