26 June 2011

But I Don't Wanna!

I was reading a post over at The Ranter's blog that really hit me.  She was talking about not taking the time to honour God and not taking the time to fall in love with Him.  Yeah, I'm guilty of that.  So often I think "but I don't want to pray right now - I just sat down and actually have a minute without the kids and just want to sit".

In reading that post, though, it occurred to me that my feelings really shouldn't affect whether I do something or not.  Do I choose not to change my daughter's nappy just because I don't want to do it?  No.  Do I turn my children away when they want me to read, even if it's a book I don't especially like or just read 5 minutes ago?  No.  So why can't I do the same for God.  I may not always feel like it, but I should do it anyway as an act of love.

I can't say that I don't have time, because I do if I just prioritise.  I can also pray as I'm doing housework.  While I'm not at all consistent in this, I do find it helps to mentally put myself before the Tabernacle, on my knees before Jesus.  Hopefully, with the grace of God, I can remember to do that more, doing everything while mentally before Him, if I can't be there physically due to my responsibilities (and whether the parish is open).

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