23 June 2011

Crafty Thursday

We've had some nice days this past week, which means I've not done quite as much in the craft department.  I'm still working on my sweater, and I think I like the pattern for the skirt.  I'll know more when I get a bit more of it done.

I've started turning another couple of pairs of trousers into skirts.  I told you I had a bunch of trousers that didn't fit/look quite right hanging around.

Kieran and I have been working on Rosaries, too.  It started because we were remaking my husband's Rosary.  I'd made him one years ago, before we were married, but Kieran had accidentally broken it.  So we got some beading wire and seed beads and remade it and made sure to get it blessed this time, too.  He then wanted to make more, so we made one for my godson and fixed one of my 1-decade Rosaries.  He's still wanting to make more, so we might look into making some for missionaries or the like.

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