24 June 2011

You Are Getting Sleepy

Charlotte's started fighting sleep.  It's not like she's a terror at nighttime or naps; she just wants to play.  She thinks that it's more exciting to stay awake.  Last night she had bags under her eyes, but she just wouldn't go to sleep.  Normally I take her upstairs and I'll read while she winds down a little and then she'll either nurse to sleep or have some milk and then put her head on a pillow and go to sleep.  The past few nights, however, that hasn't been the case.  Instead of winding down, she seems to get more and more hyper.  She wants to bounce, dance, give zerberts, make faces, etc.  Finally I just turn off the lights and try to nurse her down, but it still takes her a bit of time (it doesn't help that it's still light outside, so it's not completely dark in the room; if I waited for it to be completely dark, though, it would be after 22.00).  I know it'll pass, so in the meantime I'll repeat "it's just a phase" to myself.

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