5 November 2010


I really wish patens were widely used in Mass.  This isn't a debate about receiving in the hand or on the tongue - I prefer receiving on the tongue, but both are acceptable, and both can be done reverently.  Regardless of that, I think patens should be used.  Today at Mass I noticed that someone received and a little piece of the Host broke off and fell.  This person didn't notice, and at first I wasn't even sure if  that's what I saw.  The priest didn't notice, either.  After Mass, once people had cleared out a bit, I went back to see, and it was a piece of the Host, so I consumed it.  I'm sure there were probably other crumbs that I missed, unfortunately. :-(  The priest had already gone by that time, so I couldn't tell him about it.  I suppose I should have talked to the sacristan, though I think she may have left by then, too.  I can't quite remember now.


  1. Very sad. I agree that patens should be used. And also not glass chalices. :-(

  2. Thankfully I don't have to worry about glass chalices here, but this is the second time I've seen part of a Host be dropped. :-( I need to just work up the courage to speak with the pastor. Prayers for that are appreciated.

  3. Most definitely. Unfortunately, the glass chalices are still used during children's Masses, but fortunately not for Sunday Masses.