28 November 2010

Breastfeeding at Work

I've long thought that working mums should be able to bring their babies to work in order to better facilitate breastfeeding.  When I had K, I was still working on my PhD and working part-time at the university doing clerical work.  I was lucky because they allowed me to bring K with me to classes, supervisor meetings, and work, even though they didn't have to accommodate me in that way.  But now I see that there's a proposed legislation that will make it easier to breastfeed at work.

I think this is wonderful!  If these women also wear their babies, it won't impede them in their work much at all.  I know I was able to work while breastfeeding with little problem.  Obviously some professions may make such an arrangement impractical, but women in such professions should also be aided by this proposed legislation since it would also allow for more breaks and facilities for storing breastmilk.  I wish this could be done without passing a law, though, as it was at the university.

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