25 November 2010

Knitting Thursday

I knew I wouldn't keep up with this every Thursday, but I had a good excuse last week.  I think I'd pinched a nerve in my neck/shoulder area, and so I was wincing every time I had to use my right hand, or even the entire arm.  Can't really knit one-handed.  It's getting better, though, and I managed to knit a little yesterday.  I just started working on a tunic dress for C.

I really should be working on K's Christmas stocking, since we hang those up on 6 December for St Nicholas' Day.  To do that, I need suggestions.  See, I'm having them all be a theme, so they're all Nativity-related.  B's and mine will be Joseph & Mary; C's is a lamb.  So should K's be a wise man, a shepherd, or another animal?  I do at least have the name part done with his.  I just need to figure out the design part so I can find or make a graph.

Last week I finished up an Oscar the Grouch hat for a friend's son.

I also finally got around to working in all the loose ends on K's argyle vest and got it washed and ready, so now I can wrap it for Christmas.

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