3 November 2010

NFP wars

Lately I've been noticing NFP wars online (thinking specifically of the comments section on a post on the Conversion Diary).  I know it happens, and I sometimes struggle with not getting caught up in the whole "my method is best" thing.  I'm a Billings instructor, so obviously I like that method best and am quick to defend it, but I also recognise that the three major methods (Sympto-Thermal, Creighton, and Billings) are good and that it's good that there are different method so that people can choose the one that fits their personality best and works best for them.  It's just annoying when others don't seem to get that, and instead say that their method is better, or the only one that's effective for both achieving and avoiding pregnancy, or flies to the moon, or whatever.  They're all good methods, and there shouldn't be such competition between them.  Shouldn't we just be happy that there are these different methods and that they're gaining ground in use? 


  1. I think people like to just argue. So, to illustrate my point, I disagree vehemently with you!! ;-) lol