11 November 2010

Knitting Thursday: Hats

This week I've nearly finished the vest from last week (actually, it would be finished now, but I need to redo the neckband), and I've been working on hats.  I even went out and got some new yarn instead of just using my stash yarn, so I headed out to John Lewis and got some Rowan Cotton Glace in a lovely green (ivy) to make a vine lace hat for baby June (a friend's baby). 

I finished that one this morning, and decided to start on a fun toddler hat.  I'm just using some stash yarn for that one, and I'm not even sure what yarn it is.  I know that it's a wool blend, though, because I can feel and smell the lanolin, and it's making me itch.  Oh well, won't take long to knit a hat, especially since it's worsted weight.  My daughter is snuggly today, so there's the added challenge of doing this while she sleeps on me.  I've gotten pretty good at that, actually.


  1. That is fabulous! I wish I had your skills!

  2. It was really simple, only 2 different pattern rows, but I know there are some mistakes in it. That's what happens when I get interrupted all the time. LOL

  3. Thanks for adding whynfp.blogspot.com to your blog lists.

    I wish is could do this, I only know one stitch so I am kind of limited.