26 November 2010


I often joke that my parenting choices are based in laziness.  Why do I breastfeed? I'm too lazy to bottle-feed or express regularly or prepare the milk or whatnot.  Why do I do baby-led weaning? I'm too lazy to puree foods or spoon-feed.  Why do I co-sleep?  I'm too lazy to get up to breastfeed.

Of course, it's not true that I do these things out of laziness.  Breastfeeding isn't always less work than bottle-feeding, I imagine, since I'm always the one doing the feeding (though I have no experience with not breastfeeding, so I could be wrong).  But even if these things are less work (and I maintain that BLW and co-sleeping are less work), that's not why I chose them.  I chose them because they work best for us, and because I feel they are the right choices for us.  And of course Attachment Parenting in general isn't necessarily easy, but then, I don't expect parenting to be easy.  I do what I do because it works for us and I enjoy it (for the most part).  That's not to say there aren't days when I get frustrated, or when it isn't hard, I do and it is.  The main point, though, is that it's what works for us.

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