17 November 2010

Birthday Musings

We've been figuring out our plans for K's third birthday, since it's just around the corner.  Unfortunately he's not helping with the gift ideas, just the food ideas.  When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he said brown soup (French onion soup) and Brie.  Yes, my child likes French onion soup - it's actually the only soup he will eat.  Today he added fairy cakes to the list, so I guess I'll have to get some wrappers for them, and perhaps a bigger tin, since I only have a 6-cup tin.

We've decided not to do a big party and are instead opting for a small family celebration.  For one, this is how both my husband and I were raised, with just family celebrations most years and then larger parties thrown in for milestone birthdays, and we liked that.  K also gets overwhelmed with large groups at first, though he warms up pretty quickly.  Last year he fell asleep at his own party, and we didn't want him to be overly tired again.  So, we'll have a nice quiet day, he'll open his presents, and we'll top it off with French onion soup, Brie, baguettes, and fairy cakes.  Now I just need to decide what kind of fairy cakes to make.  Probably chocolate.

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