29 November 2010

3 Years Ago Today

My wonderful son was born.  I honestly don't know what I'd do without him.  3 years ago today, at exactly 40 weeks pregnant, I was in labour.  I'd awakened at 2.00 to my waters breaking, and so we went to the hospital.  After a NST and all that, we went back home, since I wasn't in labour yet.  Contractions were starting just as we left, but I figured it would be awhile yet.  I tried to go back to sleep, but by 6.00 I couldn't lay down comfortably, so I got up.  I laboured under the shower for a while, which felt great.  I couldn't manage to eat, and had to breathe through the contractions.  We went back to the hospital around noon, and my labour stalled.  It picked back up again after a couple of hours, though.  Unfortunately, since I'd decided to lie on my back, K had turned back-to-back and started pressing on my sciatic nerve.  The contractions weren't too bad, despite there being no break between them, but the sciatic pain was a killer.  I'd wanted to labour in water, but the birthing pool was taken.  By the time it was available, I was in transition, though I didn't realise that.  Of  course, that also meant that I no longer wanted the water, and I gave in to the pethidine/phenergan (or similar drug) injection.  30 minutes later I was pushing, and 15 minutes after that, K was born (with the help of the ventouse).  He was perfect, and still is.

He's still very definite about things, and insists on order.  Perhaps I should've expected that when he came exactly on his due date.  This morning when he awoke, we got out his presents.  He opened the first one, and would've happily just talked about it and not opened the others for some time had C not tried to get them.  Then he decided to go ahead and open more presents.  After presents we had pancakes for breakfast, and then got ready for Mass.  I'd promised him we could light a votive candle at Mass for his birthday.  All the priests greeted him, and we got the candle and then sat down for Mass.  He was very attentive to the prayers.  After Mass, Fr David mentioned that it was K's birthday, and everyone clapped - K responded by screaming.  He really isn't fond of lots of clapping since it's out of the ordinary.  He did go and talk to Fr David afterwards, though, so all was well.

So now we're back home, and he's watching Star Trek: Voyager.  Later we'll eat French onion soup, Brie, and homemade baguettes, at his request.  We'll also make fairy cakes together.  Sounds like a good birthday to me.  Happy birthday, my sweet, funny, clever boy.

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