10 February 2012

Without Words

Thanks to some lovely allergies, I've had a couh for a few days. On Thursday, I awoke to find that my throat felt like I was swallowing razors and I had no voice. I could manage a whisper in the mor ing,but even that was beyond me by afternoon. I have to admit it was interesting and challenging to effectively communicate wi my children when I was robbed of my voice.

With my husband or any oer adults, I could write out what I needed, but that obviously wasn't an option with my children. I couldn't answer their questions or sing to/with them or just have a conversation ith them, and I missed those things terribly. I wanted to comfort Charlotte and tell her we were almost at our destination when she awoke just a few minutes before got where we were driving. I wanted to be able to just be silly.

I also learnt something from this. I had to listen more. I had to be more physically present with my children instead of just staying to the side doing something else and talking to them. I had to be more conscious of my facial expressions and gestures to communicate with the and reassure them. I must remember this when I next grow tired of the incessant questions or being told to sing.

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