16 February 2012

Crafty Thursday

I'm almost finished with my husband's sweater!  And just in time, since his birthday is coming up soon.  I've been using the old Brother knitting machine to do it, otherwise it wouldn't be finished on time.  I still have to do all the detail work by hand, as this machine only gets one gauge and only works in stockinette stitch.  So I had to do the garter stitch and ribbed edges by hand, and then put it on the machine, which was thankfully behaving itself - mostly.  There was one incident where it took all the stitches off, but it was on the last row of the first sleeve, so it wasn't too infuriating.  When I got to the armholes on the front and back, I added a ribbed detailing, so I had to periodically take stitches out and work them back up by hand with a crochet hook.  I'm pleased with how it's turned out.  I've changed the pattern somewhat, first in doing a ribbed detailing instead of garter stitch detailing, and second in doing the three-needle bind-off for the shoulder with the right sides facing so that the seam is on the inside instead of on the outside like the pattern states.  So now all I have left is to finish the ribbing at the neck, make the sleeve gussets, and finish sewing up the sleeves and sides. While it's mostly plain, the detailing make it more interesting and striking.  I'm quite pleased with it.

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