27 February 2012

Book Nook

Readers have no doubt noticed our love of Arnold Lobel's books. On
a recent trip to the library, I saw the book Mouse Tales, by Arnold Lobel. After a quick look through it, I thought it looked cute and asked Charlotte if she wanted to get that as her library book. She replied in the affirmative and we duly took it home, where it was read many times. In a similar style as the Frog and Toad books, this book contains seven short stories, one for each mouse child in the book. The premise is that the father is telling one bedtime story per child,provided they all go to sleep afterwards, which they do. The stories are silly and fun, as one would expect from Lobel. When it was time to return the book, Charlotte wanted to find another just like it, so it seems it was a hit.

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