28 February 2012

Children Pray in Their Own Way

As much as possible, I attend daily Mass with my children. We sit in the very front so the children can see. I had someone comment that my children must be good if intake them to daily Mass. They are good, but I don't define them being good by whether they are quiet or sit still or whatnot. They are good because they are made so by God. Charlotte is very loquacious and is rarely quiet during Mass unless she is breastfeeding. Kieran is usually quiet, but sometimes isn't, and he doesn't always sit and stand and kneel with me. I simply think that taking them daily is good, and that they will learn as they go.

Nevertheless, I do sometimes become self-conscious about Charlotte being noisy and disrupting others and hampering my own concentration, as well. In the past, I've discussed this with a wonderful Benedictine monk, who told me to keep bringing them, since Jesus said to let the little children come to Him (incidentally, it was the same monk who instructed me o sit in the front so the children can see, and I really do notice a difference if we sit where they cannot see). Even with that encouragement, I am prone to forget. God sends me little reminders, though. One time it was the Gospel reading the monk had referenced being read at Mass.

Most recently, though, it was Monsignor commenting at the end of Mass, after the final blessing, that it was wonderful to see and hear the mothers and children at Mass, and how children pray in their own way. Him saying that meant a lot tome, but also helps me think of things differently. My children may not say all the responses or use the correct postures, but they do pay attention. Charlotte is likely to loudly talk about where Jesus is, and mention the statues of Mary and Joseph. They sometimes follow my lead and kneel with me when I'm receiving the Eucharist. Kieran has said that he can't wait until he can receive, and Charlotte kept repeating the prayer for her spiritual communion after Mass one day. They're getting it, but they also have their own way of understanding and praying. Wile I continue to show them how things are done at Mass, I also try to encourage their curiosity as they make the connections themselves. I'm glad Monsignor said what he did, bot the remind me, and because I then don't have to worry about comments from others. ;-)


  1. You are so good about taking them to daily Mass! I need to try better at that.

    My boy loves to play with my rosary (sometimes using the crucifix as a screwdriver, lol), but he likes to hold it up and say "Jesus", then look at the crucifix hanging above the altar and go "Another Jesus". LOL

    1. I'm blessed to be within walking distance of our parish, so that helps a lot. It's the grace of God, though.

  2. How very precious. Yes, kids should be brought to Mass and encouraged to pay attention and to pray. It makes Jesus very happy.