14 February 2012

A Nice Surprise

Last week, we drove down to Orlando for a couple of days. My father had a conference there, so we thought we'd meet up and just hang out. We didn't plan on going to Disney, as I think the kids are still a bit young to actually enjoy it, but they had a blast just going to the hotel pools.

one day we headed to the outlet mall, and on the way, we passed the Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe. Talk about a nice surprise! I hadn't know of the shrine's existence, much less that it was so close to our hotel! So the following morning we drove over to the shrine. For some reason I hadn't brought my camera, so I couldn't take any photos. It was nice, though. They have adoration and confession daily, Monday-Saturday. Kieran loved the statues and the stained glass. We didn't stay very long, as Charlotte wanted to run, but I'm glad we stopped.

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  1. When my friend and her family went to Disney World, they made it a point to go to the Basilica. She brought me back a rosary cd from there. So glad you were able to go to!