31 October 2011

Book Nook

Now that we're settling in, I can finally start up my Book Nook series again!  This week I took the children to the library to get library cards.  Both have been talking about the Gruffalo a lot (he's evidently hiding in the house), so I thought I'd see if they actually had any books by Julia Donaldson.  To my surprise and joy, they did!  So we picked up Tyrannosaurus Drip, by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by David Roberts (I admit it's a little weird for me not seeing Axel Scheffler's name there). 

Source: http://articles.sfgate.com/2008-07-27/books/17173736_1_crocs-rexes-silly-goose
The book is cute, and follows a duckbill dinosaur who is raised by Tyrannosaurs.  Of course, the little duckbill dinosaur, named Tyrannosaurus Drip, doesn't fit in and isn't accepted by his "family", but he eventually finds other duckbill dinosaurs and is overjoyed at fitting in.  Not only that, but he becomes a hero through some clever thinking.  It's a nice story, as I'd expect with Julia Donaldson, and I love the rhymes and rhythm she uses.  Since Charlotte was demanding that we all read it to her, I'm thinking she's a fan, too.

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