27 October 2011

How My Children Play

I love watching and listening to my children play with each other.  While they sometimes get upset with each other, they often play well together.

They're also enjoying the new (to them) toys at their grandparents' house.  Charlotte's new favourite toy is a small doll that I think was my sister's; Charlotte refers to this as "baby".  Kieran's new fave might be the rather large alligator puppet that he insists is a crocodile.

There can be friction, though, between Kieran and Charlotte when playing with these toys.  Take this interaction the other day.  Charlotte was sitting in my lap and had been holding "baby".  Suddenly she sat up and said "baby back to me!".  I asked where "baby" was, only to have Kieran answer "I think the crocodile ate it".  Yeah. 

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