16 October 2011

Culture Shock

As strange as it may sound, I've been going through culture shock.  Yes, I'm from the US, but I've lived overseas for over 5 years and hadn't been in the US for over 2 years before returning last week.  Here are some of the shocks I've had:
  • accents - It really threw me off at first to not hear Scouse accents everywhere
  • left/right - When I'm walking, I always look right for cars instead of left.  I don't do that when I'm driving, which I think is because I didn't drive in England and therefore never developed new driving habits there.
  • sales tax - I've become accustomed to it all being included in the price, so if something said 2.50, it was 2.50, not 2.50 plus tax.  
  • the weather - Not necessarily a culture thing, but I'm definitely not used to the heat and insects.  The insects must have missed me, though, because they've taken every opportunity to bite me.  I did learn that breastmilk helps take the sting out of red ant bites.  Yes, I am that person.  But hey, it's available and a panacaea. ;-)
  • language - It's really hit me that my children don't actually know American English all that much.  For example, they call it a "pavement" instead of a "sidewalk" and speak of biscuits in the British sense of the word.  Of course, it makes a bit more sense for them to have culture shock, because they've never lived in the US. 

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  1. Wow! I can't imagine! You'll have to share any funny stories that come up with the kids not knowing any American English.