19 October 2011

Adjustment Period

Well, we've been in the US for a week now, and the adjustment seems to be going fairly well.  It is difficult explaining to Kieran that we can't go back home, that this is home for now.  He's happy being here, but he does still insist that it isn't his home, which I understand.  I try to explain that we're living here now, so this is home, and I talk about the fun things we can do.  I do need to make sure I let him understand that it's OK to miss Liverpool, for I miss it, too. 

Another adjustment we're having is one of transportation.  I'm so used to being able to walk everywhere, or hop on the train or bus if I can't/don't wish to walk, but that doesn't work here.  Our parish is technically within walking distance, but the footpath isn't finished.  When I took the children to the library yesterday, Charlotte asked to get in the buggy, and I had to explain that we were driving because it was a bit far to walk (at least in this humidity, which none of us are used to yet). 

Speaking of our parish, I think it's great that they have daily Mass, as we were used to going to daily Mass in Liverpool.  It's nice that part of their daily routine can be transplanted here.  We've also encountered a fairly large home education community at the parish, which is wonderful.  While my children aren't actually school-age yet, I think it's good for them to be around these other children, and it's good for me to talk to other home educators, exchanging ideas and support and such. 

Perhaps the best part for the children is the zoo.  We purchased zoo membership so that we can go any time without feeling rushed.  We went there last week and saw a few exhibits before the kids became tired, and will be going back tomorrow.  Charlotte's been insisting on seeing the elephants for days now, so I'm sure she'll be happy to go.  Maybe we'll even feed the sting rays this time. 

Overall, I think we're doing well with the adjustment.


  1. Do you guys go to daily mass? That's something have ways wanted to do, my son sleeps in and mass is at 830. I keep putting off trying it but maybe we should just do it.
    Welcome back to the USA. Glad you are adjusting!

  2. I found you through natural parenting carnival by the way. And I was just looking though your blog roll, I'm so excited to read all those Catolic blogs you linked to. Especially that NFP one ;)

  3. Thanks for stopping by! I do go to daily Mass most of the time, though we do sometimes miss it. It's at 9.00, which usually works for us.