1 August 2012


I'll admit it - my children watch some TV. I personally never let them watch live television, but I do allow some DVDs or Netflix or Amazon videos.  I limit it, but I allow it.  For some time now, I've thought about limiting it more, but just hadn't done it.  On our recent trip, we allowed more than normal, both from the DVD player for the car and from staying with various people and at hotels.  By the time we returned home, I was feeling more and more adamant about limiting the television.

As it turns out, when we returned, the television no longer worked!  It's been the perfect answer for our TV detox.  The children asked a few times to watch something, and we're upset for a very short time when I explained that we couldn't, but then they just played.  Even better, they were more creative in their playing.  For example, Kieran just declared that they could listen to music instead. He has a book that plays a son, so he found that and then they sang.  Later they played with their new felt book, and they've also played with their trains.  I've enjoyed listening to them and am quite happy with no television.

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  1. "quite happy with no television."

    Yes! We gave up TV cold-turkey about 15 years ago, have a look: