6 August 2012

Book Nook

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When we returned from our holiday, there was a parcel waiting for the kids from my brother and sister-in-law.  Inside were various goodies for the children, including the activity book Fun with Felt by Klutz.

Excited to see what it was, I had the children sit at the table while we opened it up and discovered various pages with loads of ideas of felt creations to make on the miniature felt boards inside.  At first I helped them with their creations, but then Kieran took over.  It turns out that he's really great at looking at the picture and reproducing it with the shapes.  He even helps Charlotte with it (he's really a wonderful big brother, I have to say).  Even though Charlotte's below the age recommendation on it, she does well with it, too, with a bit of supervision.  I highly recommend this activity book, as I think all children will have fun with it.

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