13 August 2012

Book Nook

It can be daunting trying to find new books for the children to read when at the library.  I have some go-to authors, such as Julia Donaldson, but I also like to try to find new authors to expand our reading selection.  So on this particular excursion, I purposefully veered away from the normal sections and looked in a different area to see if we could find a book that intrigued us.  I'd peruse a book and give it to Kieran to examine, or vice versa, until we found one that seemed perfect.

What we found was The Wild Wombat by Udo Weigelt, illustrated by Anne-Katrin Piepenbrink.  We always enjoy learning about animals, and this book seemed fun from our quick perusal of it.  Indeed, we've all enjoyed this book.  All the animals at the zoo are nervous when they hear that the wombat is coming to live at the zoo, for they don't know who the wombat is and mistakenly believe him to be monstrous.  Each animal embellishes the description more and more in this game of telephone, until finally the wombat arrives at the zoo and is completely unlike any of their expectations.

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