16 August 2012

Monarch (Caterpillar) Watch!

A week or so ago, Kieran kept going out on the deck, staring at one of the plants.  As it turns out, there was a Monarch caterpillar eating the milkweed, and he was very excited to watch it.  In fact, he reminded me of myself at that age, as I was forever bringing in caterpillars and such.  To Kieran's dismay, though, the caterpillar was gone when we returned from Mass that day.

But just a couple of days ago, there were more caterpillars!  My father had gotten more milkweed, a favourite for Monarchs, and it attracted more caterpillars.  Now there are three rapidly growing caterpillars.  We check on them multiple times a day to see if we need to switch out the milkweed (we have at least one more in case they eat all the leaves on the current one).  I'm hoping that at least one will remain to make its cocoon there so the kids can see.  Until then, we're on Monarch (caterpillar) watch! 

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