23 August 2012

Crafty Thursday

Whew - the end is in sight with this sweater!  Finally!  I've been putting it off and putting it off, in part because I just wasn't sure I really liked how it was turning out.  So yesterday, bored with my other project (shown below), I decided to run some waste yarn through the stitches and try it on, knowing it wouldn't quite fit over my pregnant belly, to get a better idea of how it looks.  Well, I liked it, and I also realised that I only needed to do two more pattern repeats before the garter hem.  I'm now about halfway through the first pattern repeat, since I've been out of the house a bit today and haven't been able to knit as much.  Once I finish the body of the sweater, I just need to bind off the stitches for the sleeves, as I also discovered that I like them the length they are when I tried it on.  Then I'll need to pick up the stitches to finish the neck, but that won't take too long.  Then it'll be finished!

From Your Knitting Life
The other project?  A robot backpack.  Kieran's been wanting a backpack, and I decided a backpack filled with books and/or small toys would be a good birthday present.  I did a search on Ravelry out of curiosity and found this cute robot backpack.  At first I thought it was an online pattern, and then I was temporarily discouraged when I learnt that it wasn't.  I say temporarily because when I mentioned to my mother that it was in print, not online, she asked which magazine it's in and it turns out that she has it!  Crisis averted.  I'm making the one shown as blue, but Kieran chose a green yarn for it, so it'll be bright green.  So far I've completed the front and back, shown in the photo, and am working on one of the side pieces.  Since it's just stockinette, I get bored, thus why I needed the break.

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