27 January 2012

How Green Would You Go?

Going green is becoming a bit more mainstream. Real nappies, breastfeeding, baby led weaning, and baby wearing aren't seen as quite as odd these days and are even becoming fashionable. Going paperless doesn't just refer to the office, and can be quite cute and easy with fun prints for unpaper towels and napkins. I've found some great paperless products at this cloth house and really must get over there to make some purchases.

But some "green" habits remain on the fringe, with most considering them a bit odd.  While real nappies don't get much of a reaction, cloth wipes sometimes get a raised eyebrow, and family cloth certainly gets more of a reaction.  The same goes for mama cloth.  I think this is simply because we don't think of those things, for really family cloth and mama cloth aren't all that different from cloth nappies.  It wouldn't be any more work, either, since they could all be washed in the same load.

Even though I'm a huge fan of real nappies and cloth wipes, though, I've hesitated about making the plunge to family cloth and mama cloth.  Actually, the ideas themselves don't bother me, and I really want to go with mama cloth, I just haven't gotten around to buying or making the products, or gotten organised enough to fully go that route.  One of these days, though, I'm sure I'll do it.  So what about you - how green would you go?


  1. I'm a lazy person - so probably not too green.

    What is a mama cloth or a family cloth?

  2. I really struggle to understand people's aversion to "mama cloth" (never heard that term, but I like it), although most people I talk to about it are completely grossed out at the thought. I switched to using cloth pads and a mooncup about 3 years ago, and I would never go back to disposable products. It is so much easier and more comfortable! I think a lot of people have just become really distanced from their normal bodily functions and try not to even think about it, let alone having contact with it... which I think is a pretty sad state of affairs.

  3. Mama cloth = cloth menstrual pads and family cloth = cloth wipes instead of toilet paper. I'll admit that family cloth kinda weirded me out at first, but I prefer cloth wipes for nappy changes, so why not? Still haven't completely switched over, though. I personally wasn't a fan of the Diva cp, but would like to do more mama cloth. I've done a little, but not much.