12 January 2012

Crafty Thursday

I'm still plugging away on my surprise project, so I've no photos to show. Instead, I will discuss a newfound love: magic loop. I really, really dislike working on double-point needles (dpns). These are used when working in a circle, but the circle is too small for a circular needle. So, usually for things like sleeves, socks, or the tops of hats. I prefer knitting in the round when I can so I don't have to sew up seams later, and so I'd use the dreaded dpns as needed. My cousin mentioned using the magic loop technique instead of dpns, so when I found myself getting frustrated with the dpns on my latest project, I decided to look up a tutorial for magic loop. The first couple of rounds were a little awkward, since I'd not done that before, but once I got into the rhythm of it, it was a breeze. I'll definitely use this technique again.

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