6 July 2011

Praise and Criticism

I've been thinking a lot about how I respond to my children.  Unfortunately I find I'm much quicker to criticise and correct than I am to praise them.  I seem to take it for granted when they're meeting or exceeding my expectations, but am quick to correct or scold when they aren't.  I have high expectations, and I don't see a problem with that, for I think they are capable of those expectations (they've proven this over and over again).  However, my response needs work.  I don't know how to remind myself not to criticise as much.  I do think it's better if I'm more responsive and not absorbed in my own thing, though.  It's usually when I'm not paying as much attention that I get more irritated and therefore become more critical.  Since I've realised that I have this problem, though, hopefully, with the grace of God, I can begin to rectify it.  I know it won't happen overnight.  I know it'll take a lifetime to learn, but I'm willing.  After all, I want my children to know how proud of them I am, and not to think I'm always disappointed, because I'm not disappointed in them at all.  I'm honoured to be their mother, and they should know that.

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  1. Lately, whenever I've felt tempted to be 'short' to my kids, I hear a voice saying, "Gentle, gentle" and sometimes I listen and am more gentle in my rebukes or in speaking with them.