14 July 2011

Crafty Thursday

There's nothing much to report on my sweater.  Still plugging along on it.  I keep forgetting to look up the pattern for the other sleeve for Charlotte's dress, and I haven't gotten around to starting Kieran's sweater yet.

I have, however, done a fair amount of sewing the past few days.  I'd found a tutorial for turning an adult's button-down shirt into a toddler's dress, so I wanted to turn one of my old button-down shirts into a dress for Charlotte.  Following that link, I also found a tutorial for making some bloomers from the sleeves, so I'm going to try that, too.  I need to get some more thread, though.  I think the dress turned out well.  I had the white material already, as it had been given to me at the same time as the sewing machine.  I'd just never found a use for it before now.

these will be bloomers

dress front



modelling the dress

I also had an Oertel moment (those who went to uni with me will understand this reference).  I'd noticed a pile of clothes that had been outside for at least a day, so I scavenged.  I found a couple of button-down shirts in there, and one was suitable to turn into a dress for Charlotte.  I'm going to try cutting the other one down for Kieran, as he's outgrowing some of his other button-down shirts.  We'll see if it works.  Here's the dress, though.  It hadn't been hemmed yet in the photo.

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